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YMCA Swim School Lagoon Pool Panmure



The earlier children get familiar with water, the easier it is for them to adjust to the aquatic environment – and they’ll have a better relationship with water and swimming from the get-go.

And for older swimmers, there’s a whole spectrum of training available – whether it’s getting started and developing vital water safety and swim skills for those who haven’t had experience but would like to learn, or working on technique for a particular stroke in order to improve racing prospects.

Contact us on 09 570 9061 or swim.lagoon@ymcaauckland.org.nz

Weekly Direct Debit payment is available. For $16.95 (*school age) per week you receive lessons each week during the school term, plus additional lessons in the school holidays.Term 2 Holiday Intensive! Bookings Now Open

Baby swim classes

Our baby swim classes are the perfect way to get your wee one feeling comfortable around the water. Parents or guardians spend the lesson in the pool with their baby, and the whole class is full of games and songs to keep everyone entertained while still learning useful skills – for grown-ups and water babies alike!

Lessons start from 3 months in a warm comfortable pool.

Only $195 per term

40% off off peak lessons (Monday - Friday) - $117 per term

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Preschool swim classes

YMCA’s preschool swimming lessons specialize in contributing directly to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of your child. Swimming lessons are important in helping your child to gain water confidence as well as teaching both parents and children important water safe behaviors.

Classes focus on water awareness and water safety teaching critical skills such as unaided back float and front to back rotations. YMCA’s preschool programme, ensures that your child receives tuition that best meets their needs and skill level.

Only $195 per term

40% off off peak lessons (Monday - Friday) - $117 per term

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School age swim classes

YMCA’s lessons develop clear and achievable swimming and water safety goals for your child. Our lessons are well structured yet fun. We focus on teaching aquatic and safety skills as well as developing each child’s self-esteem to establish a love of the water that will stay with them for life.

From initial water confidence classes through to preparing advanced swimmers for squad training, our Panmure children’s swimming lessons create an environment where kids are able to flourish while being put through their paces. Swimmers will work their way through learning all strokes as well as key water safety skills – developing good technique and great cardiovascular fitness as they do it.

Only $195 per term

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Adult swim classes

Learning to swim as an adult can be a daunting prospect – so it’s a brave decision to make! It’s never too late to learn, and having a good understanding of swimming technique and safety around water means that you’ll not only be better equipped to stay safe yourself, but you’ll be able to make sure that your kids or other young people around you stay safe too.

We're here to help - our instuctors are friendly and approachable, and united in their goal to develop your competence and confidence in the water. It's not about the perfect swan dive, it's about equipping you with swimming skills and water safety knowledge so you can join in with the fun and thrive in the water.

Only $195 per term

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Safeguarding children, young people, families and staff

YMCA North is Aotearoa’s first and only accredited organisation through the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF).

Safeguarding is a fundamental part of our culture and a culture shared with all of our staff, customers and members. To support this we have:

  • Designated Safeguarding Staff
  • Clear policies and protocols promoting safe and best practice for our customers and staff including safe recruitment practices.
  • Compulsory safeguarding induction and ongoing training requirements for all staff
  • YMCA North Safeguarding Code of Conduct provides staff clear guidance and guidelines