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YMCA Auckland City has been central and influential in the fitness community for over 55 years. We encourage health and wellbeing through fitness, education, fun and recreation.  From youth to seniors, there are activities and programmes here to help people meet, socialise and be supported. We are leaders in the NZ Fitness Industry and continue to grow and develop to serve our communities.

Whether you’re keen to stretch it out in Yoga, pump some iron, shoot some hoops or get into tip-top shape we’ve got you covered. 

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Location: 149 Greys Avenue, Auckland CBD

Contact: 0800 548 031

Email: aucklandcity@ymcaauckland.org.nz

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Monday -Thursday
Labour Day 22nd October

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Fitness Memberships to suit you

We have a range of single club, family and all club options. All of our memberships include our group classes, consultations, training advise, programme, on-going support, and members sports. Most importantly our memberships help support and give back to the youth, family and communities in need that we serve as a charity.

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Group Classes

With over 50 live and 230+ different virtual classes a week available you can get the blood pumping with Muscle Sculpt or Boxing, enjoy the zen of Pilates or Yoga or take a ride with Spin and much more.  

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Indoor Sports and Leagues

YMCA Auckland City is a hive of sporting activities. From soccer, basketball, Futsal, Volleyball and social leagues.

Book your court, event, or just shoot some hoops. There are options for everyone.

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Personal Training

Get a programme fully tailored to your unique needs with targeted measurements and a dedicated trainer to motivate and push you towards your goals.

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Designed for those who are looking for a new way to get their health and fitness back on track, BlastHT training will help you get the results you are after. Unlike fitness ‘Bootcamps’ the BlastHT creates a positive environment with a challenging range of results-driven exercises and activities that break the repetition of normal gym training.

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Tackle Diabetes or a Pre-Diabetic diagnosis with a holistic lifestyle programme that focusses on nutrition, active movement, education and community.

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Tackle the senior years with a lifestyle programme tailored to over 60’s focussing on functional movement, social engagement, outdoor challenges and community.

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NZ Exercise Industry Awards

We aim to lead the industry in service and focus on the doing the little things well. We know that its not the facility but the people and community that make it such a success.

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Top 5 yoga tips for beginners

Yoga. It's the perfect workout for mind, body and soul, but it's not always easy to know where to start. To celebrate International Yoga Day, we asked Gemma Mullins, YMCA's MindBody Teacher of the Year, to give us her top 5 tips to help beginners get into yoga.

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Challenge of the Month: 50 bodyweight squats for time

How fast can you complete 50 bodyweight squats? Speed, speed, speed! That’s what this month’s YMCA fitness challenge is all about! 

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Ymca City Auckland Fitness Jumpstart

10 Things Diabetics want you to know

10 Things Diabetics Want You to know - They could really make a difference.

At The YMCA Auckland City Diabetes Support Group in May we put together 10 things we want you to know about having Diabetes.

It's a personal list. Have a look and maybe you can think of some more points to consider. They are in no particular order.

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