YMCA Auckland

A not for profit organisation with our own causes

YMCA Auckland is a not for profit organisation, committed to strengthening families and youth development.

We’re part of a global family, but proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and are out there, managing over 20 facilities from Whangaparaoa in North Auckland to Hamilton in the Waikato. Our network comprises of centres which are owned and operated by YMCA, and a number that are managed through partnerships with central government agencies such as Ministry of Education and local government agencies such as Auckland Council.

Rest assured, though; we're from around here too. We reinvest into local communities through our three philanthropic programmes, Raise Up, Family Camp and Fee Assistance.

Our facilities are a place for families. From babies to grandparents and everyone in between we offer a wide range of services with something for everyone in the family.

We’re over 150 years old, and our rich history mirrors the history of New Zealand. Dedicated work over many years has laid the foundation to continue our work reinvesting in local communities, now and for many years to come.

Both YMCA facilities and programmes are regularly recognised through industry awards. We're also a pretty big player as well - nationally YMCA is the largest provider of Out of School Care for school-aged children, the largest provider of residential camping facilities and we run some of the largest sports leagues.

Fun YMCA Facts

Our centres collectively receive over 3 million visits every year

We provide employment to over 600 people in our communities

We invest over $1million back into our communities annually

Our Raise Up youth members accrued over 22,549 volunteer hours in 2016/17

We can sleep over 400 people across our two camps

The Village People performed at the YMCA Auckland central stadium in 1981

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Our Causes

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Environmental Sustainability

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Organisational Statements

Our Vision

We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities

Our Mission

We lead the way as the most respected provider of services for people to reach their full potential in body, mind and spirit.

Our Core Values

Caring, Honesty, Respect & Responsibility