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With so much going on at YMCA there is lot's to talk about. Whether its our youth, staff or the people who use us we're sure you'll be impressed.

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YMCA Auckland and Waikato network receives child-safe accreditation

The YMCA Auckland and Waikato network has taken a proactive step to reaffirm its commitment to child safety by becoming New Zealand’s first accredited Safeguarding Children organisation through the internationally-renowned Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF). 

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Holiday programmes a hit with working families

Summer. It’s the season of fun in the sun and holidays at the beach. But for working families, summer can also be a long slog spent juggling work and looking after the kids. Community recently caught up with Celeste and Emma, two mothers who work full-time, to discuss the challenges, and how YMCA holiday programmes and camps are helping them survive the summer

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Finding time for whānau at Family Camp

Work. Finances. Chores. School routines. With the pressures of daily life it’s little wonder so many Kiwi families struggle to spend quality time together, and the numbers prove it.

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Breaking down barriers to healthy living opportunities

For eight years, Niloufer Sultana has faced a number of health challenges, including being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and suffering from a stroke and three heart attacks. By 2016 Niloufer knew it was time for a lifestyle change. Upon joining the YMCA, she felt she had finally found a place where she was welcome and comfortable enough to work on her health.

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Improving Lives Together: Ellerslie Leisure Centre and the Halberg Disability Sports Foundation

Founded in 1963 by Sir Murray Halberg, the Halberg Disability Sports Foundation works to ensure that all people, regardless of their ability, have equal opportunity to take part in and enhance their lives through sport. Over the past several months, the foundation and the Ellerslie Recreation Centre managed by YMCA have fostered a very rewarding partnership, with the two organisations working together for the good of the community.

Find out how the Halberg Disability Trust have been working together for the benefit of the community.

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It's All Fun & Games At Ellerslie

You may have heard that the suburb of Ellerslie has been dubbed ‘Arterslie’ for its fun arts and crafts scene. But did you know that the Ellerslie Recreation Centre managed by YMCA has held a lot of events to contribute to the effervescent vibe? Ellerslie Recreation Centre holds big and small events for the local community every couple of months, and best of all they’re free!

Several particularly exciting events were held recently. In May, Ellerslie Recreation Centre put on a huge carnival for their ‘Family Day Out.’ No tightrope walking elephants or roaring lions were there of course, but there were plenty of other fun carnival games.

Find out about the fun, games and activities that local families enjoyed at the Ellerslie Leisure Centre Family Day.

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YMCA Auckland helps with the transition from Iran to Ellerslie

It’s difficult to be new. Whether you’ve started a new job, or moved to a different city, it’s not always easy finding your feet and settling in. Imagine how difficult it would be moving to an entirely new country, where you’re unfamiliar with everything from the language and culture to the suburbs and weather!

Find out how YMCA has been helping Shahram transition to New Zealand from Iran and settle into the local community.

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