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*Each class has it's own unique ZOOM Meeting ID, participants will only be able to join during the scheduled class time.

*Please join class 5 mins prior to the start time. The instructor will welcome you in from the ZOOM waiting room when ready

*Please read safety recommendations below prior to joining any YMCA ZOOM Group Fitness Class.

Email feedback and suggestions to: casey.mclain@ymcaauckland.org.nz

How do I make sure I am safe when participating in zoom sessions?

There are a few recommendations to follow when participating in our zoom sessions to help keep you safe.

- First, ensure you have a clear 2m x 2m space to workout in.

- Each workout contains guidance from all our instructors – you must listen carefully and follow all guidance.

- If at any time you feel you are exercising beyond your current fitness abilities, or you feel discomfort, pain, dizziness, or nausea, you should discontinue exercising immediately.

- You are responsible for exercising within your own limits and assume all risk of injury to yourself or property.

Your safety is really important to us and we recommend you seek medical clearance before starting any new exercise program. We particularly advise you get medical clearance if you have a history of any of the conditions below:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Musculo skeletal disorders that reduces your ability to perform exercise

We do not recommend participating in zoom sessions, if you have a history of knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder, join, or spinal (back or neck) problems or injuries.

Can i participate while pregnant?

There are many benefits to exercising while pregnant, however, we recommend talking with your doctor or midwife who will be able to give you advice as they have the best knowledge of your medical history