COVID Vaccination Information

Current Status

YMCA North will be operating under the COVID Protection Framework from 3 December 2021 across all our centres. All Auckland centres will be re-opening on December 3 under the 'red' status. Hamilton and Bay of Plenty are currently open under Level 2.

YMCA North and the COVID-19 Protection Framework

Keeping our workers, our customers and members as safe as possible is the most important thing we do. From the beginning of the pandemic, we have worked hard to minimise any transmission of COVID within our centres, and have been clear about this throughout our communication.

As per New Zealand Government guidance, organisations who wish to open throughout all levels of the COVID Protection Framework (more information on this is available on the Government COVID website) will be required to use vaccination certificates. This is something that we as YMCA North support. If we were to allow unvaccinated people onto our premises, we would only be able to open the majority of our business when New Zealand was in 'green'.

Our organisation depends on people connecting in person. A large number of our customers are particularly vulnerable - either they are children who cannot yet be vaccinated, or they are particularly vulnerable to serious illness from COVID-19.

We have gone through an extensive exercise internally, assessing and understanding the risk that Delta brings to our centres, and internal consultation with our people to introduce a policy requiring all roles within YMCA North to be undertaken by vaccinated workers. This is something that has been overwhelmingly supported - our people believe in keeping themselves and others safe.

From 3 December 2021, YMCA North will be operating within the vaccination passport requirements of the COVID-19 Protection Framework. This means that we will require proof of vaccination from everyone aged over 12 years old in order to enter one of our centres or programmes.