Help us make sure young people aren’t being forgotten

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on our young people. The loss of their normal routine which provides important connection, fulfilment and stability, combined with stress and the emotional needs of this age group means they are very vulnerable and volatile.

Raise Up is providing an essential connection and outlet for young people

The Raise Up youth development programme swung into action after lockdown. The pre-lockdown activity relied on face to face meetings and youth events, but now they’re delivering the same value through online support.

 Raise Up is run by youth, for youth. Young people know what’s going on for youth and how to support their peers in a way that works. They do so with the support of trained youth workers who also connect with specialists such as YMCA safeguarding and other important NGOs to tackle mental health, family violence, and giving the life skills needed to get through this time.

We can’t do this alone

Closing our doors has caused a huge impact on our income. Help us support our community’s vulnerable young people during this time so they can get through these uncertain and tough times.

Every little makes a difference - you can make a small donation of $1 a day for 28 days (the four weeks of COVID-19 self-isolation), or more if you can spare it. 

Thank you for your kindness. 

Appeal April 2020

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