YMCA Tumbling Classes for Kids

Move to the rhythm with YMCA Tumbling classes

At YMCA we are excited by the modern take on gymnastics.

Tumbling is a modern form of Gymnastics which is run on a 10 metre long air track. There is a focus on floor skills including learning to twist, flip and land with great power and control but with a freestyle twist to encourage personal creative performance (as opposed to a scripted and judged routine).

While the tumbling floor or air track is our main focus, we use other pieces of gym equipment to enhance these skills.Tumbling is also a great foundation for Parkour, Martial Arts, free running and dance.

Throughout our classes, we will focus on 3 levels of the YMCA Tumbling criteria:

  • Level 1 – handstand forward rolls, cartwheels joined, split jumps - 3 skills joined
  • Level 2 – handstand props, cartwheel props, beginning front tucks, round-offs – 4 skills joined
  • Level 3 – front tucks, round off back handsprings, layouts, front tuck walk outs – 5 skills joined and 2 different passes.

Benefits of YMCA Tumbling Classes

  • Fully trained staff
  • Explore creativity through movement
  • Develop motor skills and coordination
  • Fun and engaging
  • Social interaction

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