Tai Chi Auckland

Connecting body and mind at YMCA Auckland

When looking for a relaxing, low-impact workout that cultivates connection between mind and body, Tai Chi is the perfect solution. The gentle, flowing movements of our Tai Chi classes in Auckland will help improve wellbeing and focus.

Balance and coordination are developed, and the careful breathing practise of this exercise will help you engage with your body from top to toe. Despite its mellow movements, Tai Chi is a traditional martial art, and its ability to clear and refresh the mind is a testament to its long history and significance.

You will leave a Tai Chi class feeling energised and ready to face the world – with gently exercised joints and muscles to support you through whatever the day may bring.


Tai Chi Classes are available at the following local YMCA centres

Group Fitness Classes at the YMCA are open to anyone

For those people who will only come in every now and then we have casual visit prices as well as concession card options - Check your nearest YMCA Recreation Centre for pricing details

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