Exercise Groups for Seniors

You’re never too old to get moving with never2old

No matter what your exercise history in younger life was like, never2old is your way to take hold of your fitness today! We welcome over 60s from all walks of life – whether you used to be a sporting superstar or you’ve never been especially active and want to change that.

In your first never2old session, our trainers will discuss your goals with you and plan out a programme tailored to your goals as well as any medical conditions or physical limitations that may have an effect on what physical activities you can undertake.

never2old exercise classes for seniors involve a group warm-up and cool-down, with your own exercise programme taking up most of the time. There are also a variety of organised activities and classes available – from Zumba to bowling, canoeing to Nordic walking. 

YMCA Auckland takes fitness classes for seniors seriously – but we make sure that you’ll enjoy yourself while you work your way to a healthier tomorrow.

Never2old is available at the following local YMCA centres:

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