Jumpstart Healthy Lifestyle Programmes

What is Jumpstart?

The YMCA Jumpstart programmes support people to make positive and sustainable lifestyle change. The 10 week programmes are specifically designed to support those in the community with lifestyle related health challenges to get moving and eating healthier.

  • Fitness & Nutrition: One-on-one assessments, specialised individual workout programmes, access to group classes and nutrition advice.
  • Support: Regular goal-setting and feedback on how you’re doing from YMCA staff. Personal support and encouragement. Supportive and caring environment.
  • Results: Working with YMCA REPS registered trainers alongside your fellow Jumpstart participants you will have all of the tools and support needed to begin real and lasting lifestyle change.
  • Just $80.00 per person for the 10 week programme, including full access to your home centre and access to all group and one-on-one sessions

Don't wait! Our Jumpstart programme can help guide you to a fitter, healthier tomorrow.

Our Programmes

Choose the Jumpstart programme that is right for you

  • Jumpstart for Diabetes
  • Jumpstart for Fertility

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Jumpstart Fertility Programme

PILOT BEGINS 15 Feb 2021!

Have you been diagnosed with fertility issues?

Are you are having trouble conceiving a pregnancy, or maybe you want to get in better shape for pregnancy and parenthood?

Jumpstart is New Zealand’s first fertility-specific health and fitness programme for both men and women. It’s a 10-week programme allowing you to take control and make positive changes to your health.

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Jumpstart Diabetes Programme

Has your doctor said that you have Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes?

Are you looking to take back some control of your body?

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. For many people the effect of diabetes can be managed by following a healthy lifestyle. YMCA are committed to providing patients with a specialised exercise and lifestyle programme, to help manage their diabetes and assist to live happier, healthier lives.

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