YMCA Dance Classes for Kids

Move to the rhythm with YMCA Dance Classes

YMCA offer a range of dance classes for preschooler and school age children including Hip-Hop and general Dance. 

Our trained coaches put emphasis on developing rhythm, fundamental movement patterns and key dance techniques in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere, children are able to both express their creativity and develop a dance vocabulary which can transfer into various other sports and physical activities.

We have fantastic, friendly teachers who are passionate about teaching dance. Your child will be welcomed into a class, whatever their age or ability!

Benefits of YMCA Dance Classes

  • Fully trained staff
  • Explore creativity through movement
  • Develop motor skills and coordination
  • Fun and engaging
  • Social interaction

Classes Available


Hip-hop is one of the most versatile and dynamic styles of dance around, and our hip-hop classes for kids reflect our country’s unique culture too!  


Our Dance classes are uniquely developed for the YMCA and are a mix of classical and contemporary dance styles. These classes are all about expressing yourself.

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