Boot Camp Auckland

Sometimes, getting fit is a group effort at YMCA Auckland

Ready for a challenge? Boot camp at YMCA Auckland is ready for you! Boot camp is the perfect way to take a running jump into your fitness future, with plenty of potential to push yourself.  

Our boot camps around Auckland bring small groups of like-minded people together to grit their teeth and push their bodies and abilities to the next level. Highly trained instructors will put you through your paces – and then some – across a variety of activities that will keep you interested and invested. You’ll set goals, and then work through everything from circuit training to boxing to team-based activities to achieve them.

With indoor and outdoor locations available, if you’re ready to plunge into the deep end of physical exertion, give boot camp at YMCA Auckland a go.

Group Training & Boot Camps are available at the following local YMCA centres

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