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Keeping Kiwi kids safe at the beach for life

New Zealand is blessed with amazing beaches and coastlines, but every summer we see news headlines about what can go wrong. Our Surf Safety camps give Kiwi kids the gift of a safe and fun life on the water. Working in partnership with Omanu Surf Life Saving Club we will teach vital safety knowledge and skills in a beach environment that will deliver lifelong memories and experiences. YMCA has been hosting school camps for more than 100 years, and we’re excited to keep evolving just like the needs of Kiwis do.

Camps are delivered for a single class only, allowing the programme to be customised for your unique needs and for you to spend time as a small group, benefitting from team building and connection while learning.

What’s included:

  • 3 day, 2 night camp
  • Four specialist beach safety education modules with professional instruction
  • All activity equipment provided
  • Shared accommodation in cabin-style bunkrooms


We’ve worked hard to keep the cost as low as possible with the support of community partners.

Packages start from $261.00 per student or $7,830.00 per class of 30

SLSNZ Beach Education & Surf Safety Programme

  • Practical, interactive water skills in a beach setting
  • How to identify and escape from rip currents
  • Aligned with the principle values and key competencies of the curriculum

Surfing NZ Wave Warriors Programme

  • Teaching children the basics of surfing in a fun and safe way
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Qualified, professional coaching

Coastguard Safe boating Programme

  • Practical boating experience for all confidence levels
  • Learning through in-water survival experience
  • How to correctly use safety equipment like lifejackets
  • Messages on taking responsibility for personal safety

NZ Underwater Snorkel Safety Programme

  • Teaching foundation safe snorkelling skills
  • Using and keeping equipment in good condition
  • Underwater safety guidance
  • Understanding and assessing safe weather conditions