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With so much going on at YMCA there is lot's to talk about. Whether its our youth, staff or the people who use us we're sure you'll be impressed.


Christmas message from GoldFit

After 100 days or so of lockdown we opened our doors to our members, and it’s been wonderful to see the excitement and happiness in centres. Especially from our GoldFit community. For our new members – YMCA GoldFit is an exercise programme for our seniors group. A social bunch who loves to keep active together and when they are not working out you can see them catch up over a cup of tea and laughs. Oh what FUN!

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Lockdown and its effect on rangatahi

While Covid and lockdown bring a certain amount of stress to just about everyone, the complexities of lockdown life affect young people in a multitude of ways. Raise Up Youth Programme Coordinator Caitrin Mooney and Raise Up Crew Member Aira Li break down simple life hacks to help motivate young people coming out of the lockdown space.

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Injury-free workout post lockdown

At last, we are out of lockdown, which means fitness centres can reopen again. Many of us will be eager to get back to our pre-lockdown fitness levels in time for summer. Lead Physiotherapist Sithon Sok from Physio Rehab Group shares their top tips on how to get back into the swing of things without causing yourself injury at the gym.

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Special ability fitness

Community fitness for all

During our first session of the multi-sport drop-in zone at YMCA Lagoon Stadium, we had parents who brought their children with special needs to participate in this programme. As this number grew to an average of 15 families participating on a weekly basis, we wanted to provide a programme that would benefit this community - so their children felt safe, secure and had a sense of belonging to help them thrive.

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Once in a lifetime experience

The Outward Bound (OB) course is all about discovering your full potential through challenge and adventure in the outdoors. Every year, the YMCA partnership scheme makes scholarships available for our employees to enable them to take this opportunity. This year, Claudia Fraser, an outdoor instructor from YMCA Camp Adair, shares her time at the Outward Bound, as she calls this a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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Disco night with seniors

The YMCA's youth development programme, Raise Up is always looking for new ways to get involved and help out in the community. One such event was when the Raise Up crew planned a disco night with the seniors in our community. Shreya Badal, the organiser and one of Raise Up's prefects within the Puketapapa crew, shares the story.

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Keeping young people safe online

You might feel the easiest solution is to ban your young person from all leisure use of devices or place strict rules around usage; but the most likely outcome of these sorts of ‘helicopter parent’ strategies is to drive your young person underground – they’ll continue to use, they just won’t tell you about it. There are better, trust-focused strategies that are far more likely to keep your young person safe online – Here's our top five ways to help you out.

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Staff apprenticeship opportunities

The Apprenticeship Boost Initiative launched by the government last year supports employers with funding, enabling them to offer staff, access to an on-the-job qualification. This scheme has enabled us to provide a fantastic opportunity for our staff to undertake an apprenticeship while they work, and obtain an industry qualification. Staff members Grace Thompson and Belinda Jooste share their experiences and the value this course is bringing to their professional lives.

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Fundraising Ru Crew

Support for young people

After the COVID-19 lockdowns, 17% of young people in Aotearoa are continuing to experience isolation and prolonged loneliness (Loneliness New Zealand Charitable Trust). In light of the increased need for support, we have established new Raise Up crews in South Auckland to provide more young people with opportunities to develop, connect and grow.

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Tips to stay motivated this winter

It’s that time of year again where we start noticing a few coughs and colds going around telling us that winter is here. Casey McLain, Fitness and Recreation Operations Manager at YMCA North shares his top five tips for staying physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy this winter.

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Out of school care: Y- Bots

Term 2 has seen the pilot of the brand new Y-Bots programme introduced into after-school care at Sunnybrae Normal School and Warkworth School. Kids showed much enthusiasm and engagement being introduced to coding and robotics.

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GoldFit member turns 100

Sarah Masefield, popularly known as Topsy, says that she was always the frail one in the family while growing up, and her dad even doubted her making it till adulthood. But Topsy had other plans. She defied all odds and lived to be a centenarian. In April 2021, we had the opportunity to celebrate Topsy’s 100th birthday with our Y whānau. Here's how we celebrated.

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