Swimming without a pool? It's more than blowing bubbles in your... bubble.

Babies 3 months – Preschool children


Seas the day! To get back in the swim of things, here is an activity our babies and pre-schoolers can practice to assist with learning the fundamental movements and gain confidence without stepping foot in a pool.

Have you got a bath?

If your little ones are hesitant with water or are new to the water, you can make bath time a learning opportunity and get your bubba used to being in and around water.

We suggest using a plastic cup and filling it with water. Ask your little one (Wai Submerge Level) to count to 3 as you pour water from the cup over the ears, arm or eyes.

For our Wai submerge classes water confidence is a big step and it’s okay to nervous. To help overcome fears and hesitation we would suggest this simple activity with an adult or caregiver present.

As an added bonus singing a nursery rhyme whist completing this activity can make this activity more enjoyable and calming.

School age to Adult swimmers

Here are two land based exercises to assist with learning the fundamental movements for good technique. Practising these movements can enable swimmers to work on coordination and timing of when and how the movement should be done.  

1. Breast stroke legs - video

  • More advanced swimmers who are learning the breast stroke kick for the first time may benefit from being out of the water to practice the following movements (Usually taught at an Orca Swim Level)
  • It’s important to break down the breast stroke kicking movement into three parts.
  • When the legs are brought towards the bum this is called the “up” motion
  • Secondly, the feet are turned “out” like a frog
  • And last the feet flick out and “around” to complete the kick movement prior to adding in the arms

2. Flutter kicks (Back stroke and Freestyle progression) - video

  • For swimmers who wish to work on their kicking feet we have a simple drill that can be done by lying flat on your back with your head looking up towards the ceiling and placing your hands either under your bum or beside you with palms facing down.
  • For 10-30 seconds your feet will be moving up and down as shown in the video.
  • Beginner (Orca Breath) to school age training levels (Super Elite)
  • Remember to keep your feet pointed and core tight
  • This also targets your abdominal muscles which will strengthen your core.

Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks to come whilst in your bubbles! 

Thank you and take care