COVID-19: Information for Seniors

Information for Seniors

March 17 2020

Please make sure you visit the Ministry of Health website for further information.

This is certainly an interesting time that we have moved into.

Within the week we have gone from "Keep an eye on the following" to "We are closing our borders and you will have to self-isolate if you travel".

So, how is this going to impact on our senior members – Goldfit membership? 

Well, there will be a few changes.

  • Firstly, we ask you to bring your workout towels. I know a lot of you are very good about cleaning the machines, you're probably the best group in the Fitness Centre, but we ask you to bring a towel and place it over the machines when you use it, wipe any sweat off with it, and can even use it to open and close the doors so you don't have to touch them!
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds (try singing the YMCA song!) and dry them for 20 seconds too!
  • There is hand sanitizer around the Fitness Centre and at the front desk
  • Don't put your hands near your face!
  • We have increased our cleaning in the Fitness Centre and around the whole Centre to keep it as clean as possible. We do use a cleaning product that is used in hospitals and the food industry. We will endeavour to change the cleaning towels more regularly to put any fears at ease. If you can, bring a drink bottle with you.

If you are unwell, or feeling not right, then we do ask you to stay away until you feel better. If you have traveled outside of NZ, as per the Governments recommendations, then you will need to spend 14 days in self-isolation. We would really like to know if this is the case just so we know where you are and how you are going. If anyone would like to volunteer so we can have a group of people keeping in touch with anyone who has isolated themselves through circumstances then please let me know. We need to keep an eye on one another and be the wonderful caring community group we are!

Check out the Ministry of Health website for further information about Coronavirus and the steps being taken to contain it.

From the team at YMCA 

Additional information will be added to this page if needed - please check back for updates.