COVID-19: Information for Raise Up

Information for Raise Up

March 17 2020

Please make sure you visit the Ministry of Health website for further information.

We are continuing to monitor the Ministry of Health guidelines and following procedures to keep everyone safe.

Programme updates:

Raise Up Camp 2020 has been postponed from Easter until late 2020. We will send updated info when we know it.

Raise Up meetings will continue to take place as normal.

To ensure we're following all hygiene guidelines and keeping everyone safe, all Raise Up crews are taking the below precautions:

  • Continuing education of good hygiene habits including coughing or sneezing into elbow if no tissue available
  • Any crew member who is unwell is being asked to stay away from the programme until they are well again
  • Staff who are unwell are to stay away from the programme until they are well again
  • Avoiding close contact, including using individual food servings

For any additional information please visit