COVID-19: Information for Parents

Information for Parents

March 17 2020

Please make sure you visit the Ministry of Health website for further information.

We are continuing to monitor the Ministry of Health guidelines and following procedures to keep everyone safe.

Programme updates:

All programmes are currently running as normal.

To ensure we're following all hygiene guidelines and keeping everyone safe, all April School Holiday programmes will take place in-centre. For more information please see your local centre.

All OSCAR programmes are taking the below precautions:

  • Monitoring handwashing onsite of children before eating and after using the bathrooms – 20 seconds with soap
  • Continuing education of good hygiene habits including coughing or sneezing into elbow if no tissue available
  • Sign in/out tablets are being disinfected regularly
  • Where possible groups are split up to avoid close contact
  • Staff are continuing to spray and wipe tables before and after use
  • Doors which need to be open and shut are having door handles disinfected regularly, or where possible remaining open so children and parents do not need to touch
  • Staff who are unwell are to stay away from the programme until they are well again
  • If a child feels unwell on our programme, their parent will be contacted to collect the child as per our sick child policy.

For any additional information please visit