COVID-19: Information for Fitness Members

Information for Fitness Members

March 17 2020

Please make sure you visit the Ministry of Health website for further information.

We are continuing to monitor the Ministry of Health guidelines and following procedures to keep everyone safe.

Here are some tips from our friends at Exercise New Zealand

Stay active

You might not be keen on going to the gym right now. However, keeping fit it a big part of keeping healthy.  It's important for your heart, lowers your blood pressure, boosts your mood, and also is good for your immune system. It's possible to take steps to keep yourself safe at the gym (and we're taking those steps too) while also getting the benefits of a workout.

Watch your diet

Eat a well-balanced diet. Including lots of fruit and vegetables means you'll get vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. If you're looking to get more Vitamin C - go for kiwifruit, broccoli, citrus fruit - and remember to eat these each day as you're body can't store this. If you want a boost in B vitamins, kale, quinoa, brown rice and oats are a great choice.

Stay on top of stress

There's a strong link between your immune health and your mental health. During this stressful time, making sure you're looking after your head can help look after your whole body. Taking five minute breaks, getting some sunshine, taking part in relaxation based exercise such as yoga or pilates can help manage your stress levels.

All YMCA centres are taking the below precautions:

·         Regular cleaning of all high-contact equipment

·         Hand sanitiser available throughout the centre for everyone to use

·         Increased reminders to everyone to follow good equipment hygiene

·         Continuing education of good hygiene habits including coughing or sneezing into elbow if no tissue available

·         Spacing out group fitness classes to minimise contact

·         Staff who are unwell are to stay away from the programme until they are well again

Get enough sleep

Sleep is our bodies way to recharge and reboost - so it's really important to make sure you're getting enough rest. Minimise distractions, make sure your bedroom is well-ventilated and dark, and avoid caffeine too late in the day.

For any additional information please visit