Personal Training Gym at Sir William Jordan Recreation Centre


Our personal trainers in Onehunga will get you in to shape fast

Our friendly, qualified personal trainers at Onehunga will create the ultimate work out just for you.

Whether you want to trim and tone, lose weight, or you are wanting to make the cut for a sports team, we can help you achieve your goals.

Our one-to-one sessions are varied, which will help keep you motivated when the TV is calling!

The personal training gym at Sir William Jordan Recreation Centre managed by YMCA has excellent facilities, and our staff want you to achieve your physical aspirations just as much as you do!  

Training On Your Terms

Duration To Suit You

Choose from 30 or 60 minute sessions based on your goals

Flexible Sessions

Book your session on the day and time that suits you

Concession Cards and DD Options

Book and pay for sessions as you go or take advantage of concession or Direct Debit pricing.