Onehunga Fitness Jumpstart


Jumpstart at Sir William Jordan Recreation Centre managed by YMCA

Take the plunge and create a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Our Jumpstart programme at Sir William Jordan Recreation Centre managed by YMCA is all about getting yourself healthy so that you can live well and feel great.

This programme has been designed for those who are pre-diabetic or diabetic and has a holistic philosophy behind it.

The classes run for 10 weeks, which include a variety of different exercise sessions under the guidance of our fitness experts. During this time you also have access to health professionals, including podiatrists, dieticians and psychologists, so you can have the best start to your healthier life.

We reckon it takes more than one person in a household to keep a family healthy – so we encourage whanau and friends to come along to these sessions as well!

Active Programmes

Participate in group based and individual programmes tailored to your unique needs and ability.


Delivered in a group setting Jumpstart delivers education around Diabetes, nutrition, health and well-being.


Establish a network of friendships with people facing similar challenges.

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