Pool Policy at Onehunga War Memorial Pool & Leisure Centre

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Pool Supervision Policy

Pool Policy

Patrons must shower before entering the pool

No running on the pool deck.

Diving is only permitted off the deep end wall of the outdoor pool. Back flips, front flips, back dives, backward facing jumps and spinning are not allowed from the pool edge.

Patrons are not allowed to chew gum in the pool area.

Ramp areas must remain clear and accessible at all times.  No playing in the ramp areas.

Diaper Policy: Snugly fitted specialized swim diapers, such as Little Swimmers, are preferred.  A disposable diaper, covered by a snugly fitting plastic pant under the bathing suit is allowed.

All dive-well and aqua-run children must be able to complete the swim test. PFD’s and Lifejackets are not permitted on this equipment 

The YMCA swim test consists of a foot first jump into the deep end with a safe recovery to the surface, followed by a 15 meter consistent uninterrupted front swim to the shallow end.

Spa/Sauna/Steam Policy: Children under the age of 17 years are no longer permitted in the spa. Pregnant women and persons with known health or medical conditions are discouraged from using the spa.

Correct swimwear is required at all times. No jeans, long pants, wrap’s, t-shirts, singlet’s etc. to be worn in the pools.

Rash tops are permitted providing they are worn for the purpose of protection from the sun. YMCA does not provide rash tops.

Please respect the request of lifeguards at all times, they are there to ensure your safety.