Covid-19 updates

Onehunga War Memorial Pool

Covid-19 Protocols

Service operating information: Onehunga War Memorial Pool


Commences 14th May 2020

All equipment in the gym has been moved 1 to 2 meters apart. A skeleton group fitness timetable will be put in place and group fitness will comence on 18th May 2020. Booking essential for every class. Small group training and spin classes will now be held in the upstairs group fitness room. We ask that you please bring a sweat towel or you will not be able to train. Personal training will remain but trainers are to keep a 1 meter distance at all times. All equipment will need to be thoroughly wiped down after use. Water fountain is for drink bottles only.

If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you would please stay home.

Swim School

Commences 25th May 2020

Class numbers have been reduced to allow for safe social distancing. Only one caregiver will be allowed to enter the facility to accompany their child/children. There will be no 'play' time before and after lessons. Swim school team will be in contact.

If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you would please stay home.


Commences 18th May 2020

Updates to come

If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you would please stay home.

Casual Swimming

Commences 14th May 2020

There will be restricted lane capacity with a limit of 4 to 6 people per lane. Currently, there will be no 'play swimming' and this will be reviewed after 2 weeks. Steam and sauna rooms will not be opened at this time. The spa will be open with a capacity of 10 people and social distancing is required.

If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you would please stay home.

Central covid-19 service updates

YMCA will be following level 2 COVID-19 guidelines. 

Area Capacity

Our centre has been split into two different areas, fitness and a pool area. We will run to a maximum of 100 people per indoor area allowing for the appropriate recommended physical distancing in each space. If an area reaches capacity the centre will implement a one in one out policy. 

Physical Distancing 

Entry and exits will be clearly marked out and we ask that you follow direction from staff. Our changing room facilities will remain open however, we encourage where possible for customers to shower at home to reduce congestion in the changing rooms. 

Hygiene Standards

Increased cleaning schedules have been put in place for all areas of the facility. We have changed our cleaning products to use on all surfaces and more hand sanitizing stations have been added around the centre. Water fountains will only be available to fill up water bottles. At this time there will be no 'physical testing' of you shop items (eg. goggles). 

If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you would please stay home. 

Contact Tracing

Every person entering the facility (including staff) will be required to register their attendance at reception. Each area will have a QR code to be scanned on your personal phone in order to be checked in. All users must check in through the QR code in order to enter the facility. Staff will be monitoring the attendance of our customers and capacity. 

The website for out QR codes is

Contactless payments

We ask that if paywave is an option to please use it. We will be accepting cash payments.