YMCA North Shore Gymnastics


The perfect way to develop your kids balance, strength, flexibility and confidence


Gymnastics at the YMCA emphasizes fundamental movement skills for children aged 1.5 – 14 years. This helps in the development of your child's balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness, all these core motor skills are essential in gymnastics, but also in any other sport your kids choose to do.

Each gymnastics class builds on the skills learned in the previous week and tracked by our Colours and Stages development programme, so your child will make steady progress with YCMA gymnastics.

Y-mini Gym classes (1.5 – 4 years) are $130 per term, and each little gymnast will need a parent or guardian accompanying them.
Y- Gymnastics classes are $150 per term
We also have a special home school gymnastics session on Tuesday afternoons, catering for 4–12 year olds
For more information about gymnastics for kids on the North Shore, talk to us, call 09 480 7099 or email northshore@ymcaauckland.org.nz

Please view our Kids Recreation Programme (KRP) Terms & Conditions here

Why Choose YMCA?

  • Experienced and passionate coaches
  • Ratios to maximise effectiveness
  • Own stadium space so no interruptions
  • Supportive and welcoming environment
  • Affordable

Spaces are limited so please book early