Health & Lifestyle Programmes at YMCA North Shore Recreation Centre

We support our community through dedicated programmes for fitness and wellbeing

The wellbeing of our community is a huge part of what we do. For some people, this means our group fitness programmes, or working with a personal trainer. But for others, something more targeted is required.

YMCA North Shore Recreation Centre has two highly successful, specialised programmes available – one for over 60s, and one for diabetics. never2old is designed to make exercise achievable for older people – with group elements as well as a personalised programme just for you.

Jumpstart is our widely acclaimed lifestyle programme for people with diabetes. The 10-week, referral based programme is fun and dynamic, allowing diabetics to take some control back over their weight and condition. With both programmes, we’re passionate about building strong communities – and helping you become and stay well.


Designed for people with or at risk of Diabetes, JumpStart is a fun, holistic programme focussing on nutrition, active lifestyles, wellness and community. Ten week programmes start regularly.

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never2old is a targeted gym based programme for over 60’s designed to support independent lifestyles. Based on functional movement, the programme offers modified sports, social activities and outdoor challenges.

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"Can finally fly on my broom stick after the programme"

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