YMCA North Shore Small Group Training


Bringing a new kind of fitness to Northcote

If you’re looking for a new fitness challenge, and you need some motivation to light a fire under you, small group training at YMCA North Shore Recreation Centre could be just what you need. We’ve brought small group training to Northcote so that our community can come together and get the chance to take on more of a challenge – which can include everything from circuit training to team-based activities to boxing, and more!

Sessions are run by our very own trainers Claudia Massey and Gareth Clarke - Exercise Association of New Zealand National Award Winner. Adam is passionate, knowledgeable and has helped hundreds of individuals achieve substantial fitness results.

Our small group training is a great way to reach a specific goal – whether it’s weight loss, improved endurance, greater strength, or just reinvigorating your workouts and your attitude towards them.