Gymnastics in West Auckland


Growing skills and confidence in Y-Gymnastics classes for kids.

With our Y-Gymnastics classes, your kids will be cartwheeling all the way home!

Y-Gymnastics Mini Gym (2 1/2 - 4 year's)

These classes introduce children to gymnastics in a fun and exciting way. With a focus on a different piece of equipment / apparatus each lesson, children will build up their fundamental movement skills by balancing across beams, swinging on bars, jumping off boxes and rolling down wedges. To help encourage your child's imagination and social skills, each week we run a different theme with songs and group warm-ups. Classes have a variety of free time and structure in which children can explore the equipment supported by their caregiver.

Mini Gym Class Times

Saturdays 8:45 am - 9:30 am

Y-Gymnastics Colors (5 - 6+ year's)

This is a skills based program, designed to introduce kids of any ability to the sport of gymnastics in a fun and engaging environment. The instructors will teach kids how to roll, handstand, cartwheel and much more! During lessons, we will explore a range of equipment rotating around circuits, spending time on the beams, bars, rings, floor, vaults, and trampoline. Your child's progress is tracked through the YMCA Colors Program, which they work through at their own pace. There is opportunity for Colors Gymnasts to participate in an annual competition and end of term displays.

Colors Class Times


Saturdays 9:45 am -10:45 am

Red and Blue

Saturdays 10:45 am -11:45 am

Y-Gymnastics Stages 1,2,3,4 (7 - 8+ year's)

Once your child has progressed through the YMCA Colors Program, they will move onto our Stages Program. They'll learn more advanced skills such as dive rolls, round-offs and walk-overs. Children will rotate around different apparatus circuits including beams, bars, rings, vault and floor. They will spend time developing and perfecting their skills and learning new ones. These classes are designed to provide your child with a challenge in a fun environment. There is opportunity for Stages Gymnasts to participate in an annual competition and end of term displays.

Stages Class Times

Saturdays 12:00 pm -1:00 pm

Y-Gymnastics Advanced

This program is an extension of our Colors and Stages skills programs. Children will progress to this class once they have mastered the required techniques. Advanced gymnasts are encouraged to take initiative during classes by practicing and extending their skills on the beams, bars, vaults, rings and floor. There is opportunity for Advanced Gymnasts to participate in an annual competition and end of term displays. Please note: this class is by invitation only from your center's Recreation Manager.

Advanced Class Times

Saturdays 12:00 pm -1:00 pm

Why Choose YMCA?

  • Fully Trained Staff
  • MSD Audited & Accredited Centers
  • Skill progression
  • Annual Competitions, Testing and Showcases

Programme Includes

Quality Assurance

We understand that it's hard for parents to leave their kids in other people's care, that's why we take safety very seriously. YMCA Holiday Programs are proudly approved and audited by Child Youth and Family (CYF).

Trained Staff

All YMCA Holiday Program Staff undergo police checks, inducted and receive on-going training which include Child Protection, Behavior Management and Health & Safety.

Fee Assistance

At YMCA we believe that cost should never be a barrier for individuals and families accessing services in their community. YMCA provides fee assistance on an application basis to ensure that services are available to everyone.