Why choose YMCA?


We’re passionate about early childhood development and learning

Early childhood education is what we are passionate about at YMCA Manurewa Early Learning Centre; nothing makes us happier than watching a child grow under our care, both physically and mentally.

Our YMCA early learning centre is one of the few centres based on a public school site, which is fantastic for our children, because it means they get used to the idea of going to school from an early age.

Our early childhood education teachers collaborate with the school’s teachers; this helps us create the quality in childcare education we endeavour to provide. On top of this, we also have a Transition to School programme, which focuses on getting children ready for school. This programme includes joining junior children in their classrooms, going to the library and attending school assemblies.

Why Choose YMCA?

  • 20 Hours Free Available
  • Fully Qualified Teachers
  • MSD Audited & Accredited
  • Fully Licensed Childcare & Education Facility
  • WINZ Subsidies Available

What You'll Find At Our Centre

Covered Outdoor Play Area

Our outside area is protected by a might Puriri tree, which shelters us from the seasonal elements.  The outside area is a fun place for children to explore and experiment with their limits and boundaries, while the environment is specially selected to allow children to explore different elements such as water and sand, chose individual play or group play and develop essential skills such as communication, sharing and team work.

Art & Craft Area

Our art, craft and creative world area has a wide range of items that encourage children to explore their creative side and express themselves.  Children explore different elements from drawing, painting, construction, and so much more. Creating both through group and individual projects. Resources are arranged for children to assess freely and within a calm environment for time to be creative and thoughtful.

Home Corner

Many children spend considerable time in the dramatic play area- stirring, filling, emptying, pouring, shaking, trying things on and taking them off. The home corner introduce not only free-play but roll-playing and imitating roles they see in the home. 

Book Corner

Our extensive literacy experiences focus on oral and written literacy and helps establish lifelong reading habits, promotes love of language and supports primary school readiness. Our book corner is a distinct area with a variety of board books, picture books and early readers with comfortable seating.

Building Block Area

Our construction area contains a range of blocks and construction supporting resources, which also includes natural resources for children to build structures and play out their ideas while supporting one of the most valuable learning experiences for young children. Block play stimulates learning in all domains of development, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and language.   Construction extends out to our outdoor play spaces on the carpentry table, in the mud pit, sandpit and tree.

Kura Ngahere/Bush Kindy - Every Tuesday

Our bush kindergarten experience involves our children in another aspect of being in nature.  For us the main reason behind doing this is the cultivation of the future, a sense of environmental stewardship.  Children learning with and along side others about how to protect the environment.  We explore our role and what it means to trust, care, protect and upkeep while visiting our bush environment.  Children are encouraged, supported and inspired which instils confidence and full participate is treasured.  We also explore our curiosities and wonders of the bush and put high value on walkings - in and around our bush and surrounding community.

Science, Nature and Numeracy Area

Our Science, Nature and Numeracy Area celebrates the world around us.  Children engage in science whenever they are learning about the world around them.  This sort of play allows children to develop a perception of themselves as explores - competent, confident learners who ask questions and make discoveries.  Natural resources are gifted from Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) and are fundamental learning experiences.  Hands-on experiences with natural materials offer children opportunities to develop theories about how things work in the living, physical and material world.

Transition to School Programme

Our Transition to School Programme works in partnership with our close neighbour - Manurewa West Primary School and our learning environments influence each other to support and prepare children and families for the transition to school.  Relationships and social competencies are focused on as well as building the foundations for successful learning and development in the future.

Children participate in the weekly classroom visits when they are four and a half and each term all children transition into the same classroom.  We attend the school assemblies, visit the school library and frequently explore the greater play spaces that make up the school environment.  Teachers and children have the opportunities to build relationships before their first day at school, so they are confident, competent and ready to continue their life long journey of learning.

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