Exercise Classes for People Living With Diabetes


Taking charge of diabetic health at Lagoon Pool & Leisure Centre Managed by YMCA

Jumpstart gives diabetics a real opportunity to take back some control of their body and their weight. But the programme is more than solely exercise. With support from Diabetes NZ, Pharmaco and ProCare, Jumpstart is a complete lifestyle package, with 10 weeks of all sorts of athletic activities combined with informative sessions focusing on nutrition, goal setting, behaviour change and staying healthy.   

The programme is referral-based, with people coming to us at the recommendation of their medical professional. We really encourage participants to bring along a support person, as there’s nothing better than having that kind of dedicated support on hand when it comes to persevering and holding yourself accountable to your fitness goals.

70% of sessions are exercised based – including activities like walking, weight training and simple stretching. Our trainers are well-versed in the specifics of the programme – and all of the nutrition and health information providers are experts you can trust.

We recommend that participants take part 3 or more times per week – and you’ll have access to exercise facilities any YMCA centre across Auckland for the duration of the programme, as well as the dedicated sessions here at Lagoon Pool & Leisure Centre Managed by YMCA.

Our Jumpstart programme can be your helping hand to a healthier, fitter version of you – diabetes doesn’t need to slow you down.

Our Programme Includes

Active Programmes

Participate in group based and individual programmes tailored to your unique needs and ability.


Delivered in a group setting Jumpstart delivers education around Diabetes, nutrition, health and well-being


Establish a network of friendships with people facing similar challenges.