Step Classes at Lagoon Pool and Leisure Centre managed by YMCA


Step on up to a great full-body cardio workout

Our step class at Lagoon Pool & Leisure Centre managed by YMCA combines coordination and balance, getting your heart pumping and body jumping!

With funky music to keep everyone in rhythm, and carefully choreographed routines put together by our dedicated instructors, step class is a wonderfully fun way to work on your cardiovascular health and muscle tone.

Step class is a medium to high intensity workout, so you’ll be full of energy and quickly feeling just how much good the routines are doing for your body. So if you’re ready to take a step into a fun new fitness routine, check out Lagoon Pool & Leisure Centre managed by YMCA’s step class!

Join A Class

  • Classes Are Included Free With All YMCA Memberships.
  • Casual Class Participation $10 
  • Concession Cards $92  x10 Classes
Class spaces can not be booked and operate on a first come first serve basis

Over 20 Classes weekly