Spin classes at Lagoon Pool and Leisure Centre managed by YMCA


Get spinning your way to cardiovascular health and fitness!

All the exertion of a bike ride, but with music, company and no need for helmets? Sounds like spin class. A spin workout runs for between 45 and 60 minutes, with one of our instructors leading you through different segments of the workout – switching up body position, pedal speed and resistance.

The music is always blasting, keeping you pumped up along with the rest of the class. As a group, you and your spinning class will be developing your cardiovascular fitness as well as getting a really thorough lower body workout. With multiple classes a week, there’s no reason not to try a spin class.

Join A Class

  • Classes Are Included Free With All YMCA Memberships.
  • Casual Class Participation $10 Per Class
  • Concession Cards $92 Per Ten Classes
Class spaces can not be booked and operate on a first come first serve basis

Over 20 Classes Weekly