Gymnastics at YMCA Hamilton


YMCA Hamilton Gymnastics will have your children cartwheeling home!

Our staff are experienced gymnastics coaches, ex-gymnasts and dance movement instructors. They are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of gymnastics and movement, whilst ensuring that your child is safe and having fun.

Preschool Gymnastics allow parents to interact and participate with their children. The classes have been designed to engage children in activities while developing their movement skills. Our instructors lead the gymnasts and parents through many planned skills on our wide range of equipment.

The school aged recreational gymnastics programme develops each week and is based around movement patterns. Each gymnastics class builds on the skills learned in the previous weeks and is tracked by our Colours and Stages development programme to allow your child to make steady progress.

Why Choose YMCA Hamilton?

  • Fully Trained Staff
  • Make new friends in a fun and friendly environment
  • Attendance Rewards
  • Skill Progression
  • Annual Competitions
  • Affordable Fees
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"We really appreciate that you include our whole family in our attending the gymnastics class. This is very important for a home schooling family, as we often need to all be together (pre-schoolers and bigger children) and accepting our whole family there makes it possible for our children to have the wonderful experience of gymnastics classes. We also highly value our skilled, patient and friendly teacher Ashlee, she works well with a diverse range of children and abilities, and is providing an excellent exposure to gymnastic equipment and skills for the children. Keep up the good work, and thank-you."

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"Excellent with the kids! They thoroughly enjoyed themselves at gymnastics today…We will definitely be back!"

School Age Gymnastics Member Hamilton
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"I think u have done everything well and it’s a very good place for children to become fit and strong .There is nothing to improve."

Preschool Gymnastics Member Hamilton
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"My son has autism and came with his mainstream kindy group. I loved how he was able to run around and jump and be excited and the instructors let him. It was his first kindy trip and WE loved it at the YMCA. THANK YOU!!"

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