Gym for Seniors in Hamilton


Age is no barrier to taking charge of your health and fitness with Gold Fit

They say getting old is not for the elderly.

Whether you’ve been active in the past and then commitments and life got in the way, or if you’ve never been a particularly sporty type, our Gold Fit programme is a path to greater fitness and wellbeing for seniors – no matter your age or background!

In your first Gold Fit session, our trainers will discuss your goals with you and figure out a an appropriate programme that takes into account any medical conditions or physical limitations.

Gold Fit is a health and wellness programme structured to give senior citizens back their independence, educate them on healthy living and enrich their lives through fitness and wellbeing exercises.

Our program runs at 10.30am every Tuesday and Thursday.

Gold Fit focuses on keeping its members fit and healthy, helping them train for adventure camps, and teaching exercises to strengthen the body for practical applications such as lifting grandchildren or taking heavy items off shelves. Not only is the body a serious focus, but the holistic and social atmosphere of Gold Fit ensure you’ll have a great time every time. Now’s the time to realise you’re just how gold your golden years are! Gold Fit. Because you’re gold.

Programme Includes

Social Engagement

An integral part of the programme is social engagement which is built into the fabric of the programme through morning tea's but also includes group outing which could be anything from high tea, to dinner or a BBQ at someone's house.

New Activities

The programme incorporates the opportunity for seniors to relive childhood memories or try new activities they've always wanted to. Programmes have involved bike riding lessons, drumming lessons, and kayaking trips to Rangitoto.

Dedicated Co-Ordinator

To support the programme YMCA assigns a dedicated co-ordinator. This ensures not only consistency but the opportunity for YMCA staff to build strong relationships with participants making it easier to understand your unique needs.