Personal Training at YMCA Hamilton


Get the body you desire with one of our personal training programmes

Our personal training at YMCA Hamilton Recreation Centre will create the ultimate work out for you. Personal training at YMCA Hamilton Recreation Centre will provide you with one-to-one support and motivation to help you train more effectively and efficiently. You will achieve better results, faster.

Whatever your fitness goals are, we can help make them happen! Our personal gym training programmes will push you to your limits, get your heart racing and your muscles burning.

Our qualified personal trainers in Hamilton know exactly how to motivate and inspire, so you can stay dedicated to your fitness plan.

Training On Your Terms

Duration To Suit You

Choose from 30 or 60 minute sessions based on your goals.

Flexible Sessions

Book your session on the day and time that suits you.

Safe Enviornment

Feel comfortable with all the support that you need from all the staff. We will help guide you to your goals.

Tackle Your Fitness Goals

Book an initial appointment to find out how a personal trainer can help you reach your goals.