Group Exercise

For more details on changes to the class timetable and opening hours, download the timetable here!

Spice up your routine with group fitness at the YMCA Hamilton Recreation Centre

Bring a new energy into your workouts by joining our group fitness classes at YMCA Hamilton Recreation Centre. We believe that exercise should be fun, which is why our extensive range of classes accommodate all levels of fitness and are included in our memberships at no extra cost.

It’s easier to stay motivated when you are mixing up your exercise regime, which is why group fitness at YMCA includes plenty of group fitness options.

From pedalling, lifting, stretching, walking, or running to learning breathing techniques in yoga, our group fitness classes at YMCA Hamilton Recreation Centre have something for everyone.

Join A Class

Classes Are Included Free With All YMCA Memberships.

Casual Class Participation $15.50 Per Class

Class spaces cannot be booked, and operate on a first come first serve basis