Why Choose YMCA?


For a great education and lots of fun, choose YMCA childcare

Fantastic facilities, fun-loving teachers and a focus on learning are what make our YMCA early learning centre unique.

We have a passion for educating kids, and our fully licensed teachers will ensure your little one will have plenty to discover each time they visit.  We think tamariki learn best when they are having fun, which is why there is an abundance of cool activities for your child to take part in at YMCA Hamilton Early Learning Centre.

YMCA childcare places an emphasis on early childhood development, so you can rest easy knowing that your child is growing mentally, socially, and physically each day – as well as having an absolute blast!

Why Choose YMCA?

  • 20 Hours Free Available
  • Fully Qualified Teachers
  • MSD Audited & Accredited
  • Fully Licensed Childcare & Education Facility
  • WINZ Subsidies Available

What You'll Find At Our Centre

Covered Outdoor Play Area

Our covered play area is a fun and interactive zone for kids with specially selected activities that allow kids to explore different elements such as water and sand, chose individual play or group play and develop essential skills such as communication, sharing and team work.

Art & Craft Area

Our art and craft zone with a wide range of items encourages children to explore their creative side and express themselves through creations. Children explore different elements from drawing to creating both through group and individual projects.

Home Corner

Many children spend considerable time in the home corner - stirring, filling, emptying, pouring, shaking, trying things on and taking them off. The home corner introduce not only free-play but roll-playing and imitating roles they see in the home. 

Book Corner

Our extensive book corner supports our focus on literacy and helps establish lifelong reading habits, promotes love of language and supports primary school readiness. Our book corner is a distinct area with a variety of board books, picture books and early readers with comfortable seating.

Building Block Area

Our building block area contains a range of blocks for kids to build structures with supporting one of the most valuable learning experiences for young children. Block play stimulates learning in all domains of development, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and language.

Dedicated Under 2's Area

Caring for under 2's is a special job and we recognise the unique requirements of our younger class members. The under 2's area provides a dedicated zone separating the younger and older children with additional resources such as change tables and cots for napping.

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