Exercise Classes for People Living With Diabetes

Jumpstart your health and wellbeing with Jumpstart!

Our Jumpstart programme at the YMCA at the Ellerslie Recreation Centre is designed for people who have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, or diabetic. This programme includes exercise programmes, nutrition information, goal setting, how to change behaviours, and how to keep yourself healthy.   

It is a referral-based programme that runs for 10 weeks. The exercise component of the programme includes a variety of different activities – from walking and simple stretching to swimming and weight training. Our instructors are thoroughly trained in the Jumpstart programme, meaning that participants know that they are in the best hands to help guide them through their fitness goals.

Podiatrists, dieticians, and psychologists will support you along your journey, and will provide you with information you need to make informed decisions about health.

Don’t let diabetes slow you down – our Jumpstart programme can help guide you to a fitter, healthier tomorrow.

Our Programme Includes

Active Programmes

Participate in group based and individual programmes tailored to your unique needs and ability.


Delivered in a group setting Jumpstart delivers education around Diabetes, nutrition, health and well-being


Establish a network of friendships with people facing similar challenges.

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