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Getting healthy and happy to build strong communities

YMCA at the Ellerslie Recreation Centre is all about living life to its fullest – and to do that, you need to be healthy.

We know this can be tough to do on your own; that’s why we’re here to help. For some members of the community, learning how to stay healthy and fit can be more difficult than others because of particular physical limitations or health concerns.

Our Y-Gold programme is designed for people over 60, and proves it’s never too late to get active.

Our Jumpstart programme is for people who are pre-diabetic, or diabetic. During this we show you ways of how to improve your quality of life on a holistic level and take back control of your body.


Designed for people with or at risk of Diabetes, JumpStart is a fun, holistic programme focussing on nutrition, active lifestyles, wellness and community. Ten week programmes start regularly.

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Y-Gold is a targeted gym based programme for over 60’s designed to support independent lifestyles. Based on functional movement, the programme offers modified sports, social activities and outdoor challenges.

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