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For an all-over body work out, have a go at YMCA Pilates classes

If you’re looking to correct muscle imbalances and improve core strength, come along to Pilates classes at the YMCA at the Ellerslie Recreation Centre. Our YMCA Pilates classes are all about developing the body by focusing on core strength, flexibility, controlled breathing and awareness.

With six key principles colouring every movement – concentration, control, centring, flow, precision and breathing – there is no time nor movement that isn’t a thoughtful part of a routine. Everything counts – and everything is stretched, flexed and strengthened in turn. Pilates at Ellerslie Recreation Centre is taught by our amazing instructors, who definitely know a thing or two about this type of exercise. The idea of Pilates is to create a body that can move both efficiently and gracefully, which is extremely helpful for any activity.

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