Why Choose YMCA?

Providing quality early childhood education

Choosing the right childcare is one of the most crucial decisions you can make for your child. Here at YMCA Ellerslie Early Learning Centre, your child is extremely important to us, which is why we ensure all tamariki are happy, safe, and receive only the best of everything while they are at our childcare.

YMCA early learning centres focus on the holistic wellbeing of each individual, so they can grow up as competent learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit.

We are the experts when it comes to child development. With guidance from our fully licensed teachers, your child will establish skills through YMCA early learning that will set them up for the future.

Why Choose YMCA?

  • 20 Hours Free Available
  • Fully Qualified Teachers
  • MSD Audited & Accredited
  • Fully Licensed Childcare & Education Facility 
  • WINZ Subsidies Available

What You'll Find At Our Centre

Covered Outdoor Play Area

Our covered play area is a fun and interactive zone for kids with specially selected activities that allow kids to explore different elements such as water and sand, chose individual play or group play and develop essential skills such as communication, sharing and team work.

Art & Craft Area

Our art and craft zone with a wide range of items encourages children to explore their creative side and express themselves through creations. Children explore different art mediums to create group and individual projects.

Family Play

The family play is an area where children can imitate roles they see in the home and explore dress-ups and initiate role-plays.

Library corner

Our extensive library corner supports our focus on literacy and helps establish lifelong reading habits, promotes love of language and supports primary school readiness. Our book corner offers a quiet area where children can explore a variety of non-fiction and fiction books within a comfortable setting.

Block Area

Our block area contains a range of blocks and animal figurines to enable children to build structures and be creative.  Block play stimulates learning in all domains of development, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and language.

Dedicated Under 2's Area

Caring for under 2's is a special job and we recognise the unique requirements of our younger class members. The under 2's area provides a dedicated zone separating the younger and older children with additional resources such as change tables and cots for napping.


"Where do I start! lol! The morning rolling tea is fantastic. It's great the children can participate in the classes available. The staff are so lovely! I love the way they care for my daughter and give her cuddles. I love the flexibility. Janet is great with working in with my working days/hours. I really appreciated how welcoming Janet was when I came and visited the centre."

Anonymous YMCA Early Learning Centre Ellerslie

"The centre is clean and all the teachers/staff are very patient and well trained."

Anonymous YMCA Early Learning Centre Ellerslie
Ellerslie Child Care Garden1 Min

"Warm and caring staff, good balance of activities and free play, structure, variety of activities in centre and outings."

Anonymous YMCA Early Learning Centre Ellerslie
Ellerslie Child Care Garden2 Min

"Outings with the children into the community is a great point of difference for you as a centre and our kids just love it."

Anonymous YMCA Early Learning Centre Ellerslie
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