Teaching and Learning

We believe that to create strong communities, it all starts with our Tamariki.

Teaching and learning at YMCA Early Learning Centre Ellerslie seeks to preserve children’s choices and build their unique identity as capable and competent learners.  We aim to integrate the principles of Te Whaariki – Empowerment, Family and Community, Holistic development and Relationships into our teaching and assessment practices.  We value and promote the development of skills, knowledge, attitudes and learning dispositions.

Dispositions are a very different type of learning from skills and knowledge.  They can be thought of as habits of mind and tendency’s to respond to situations in certain ways.  They shape the way children construct their knowledge and the way they interact with people, places and things.

Teaching and learning in this environment offers valuable opportunities for children to learn through their play…

“In the early formative years, play is synonymous with life.  It is second only to be nourished, protected and loved; it is a basic ingredient of physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth”

Ashley Montague

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