Ellerslie Teaching and Learning


We believe that to create strong communities, it all starts with our Tamariki.

Teaching and learning at Ellerslie seeks to preserve children’s choices and build their unique identity as competent and confident life long learners. Through the daily application of our Curriculum - Te Whaariki – principles (Empowerment, Family and Community, Holistic development and Relationships) we build on the children's personal knowledge and experiences so that they can then be shared with their peers through positive and meaningful interactions. Through this practice, we are able to value and promote each child and thereafter design a curriculum that can then be shared throughout.

It is important to us that our children learn holistically, which is encompassed by Te Whariki’s values of empowerment/whakamana, family and community/whanau tangata, relationships/nga hononga, and holistic development/kotahitanga.

“In the early formative years, play is synonymous with life. It is second only to be nourished, protected and loved; it is a basic ingredient of physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth” - Ashley Montague.

Our programmes include:

  • Community gardening including in-season food harvesting
  • Daily park walks
  • Sensory tables for imaginative play
  • Cooking classes/ food preparation