Outdoor adventure activities at YMCA Camp Adair


We have plenty of outdoor and adventure activities, from High Ropes to bush craft to kayaking and Archery to name a few

Need help designing adventure activity programmes that meet the goals of your group? The dedicated staff at YMCA Camp Adair are happy to help utilising the 'Challenge by Choice' philosophy. Most people taking part in outdoor adventure activities share common goals: they may want to learn or improve skills, build confidence and trust, improve communication or get to know one another.

During our activities, experiential learning comes first. We design our sessions based on the philosophy that once a person has learnt the skills needed, they will be able to have fun and enjoy the experience. YMCA Camp Adair’s outdoor adventure activities have been credited with the OutdoorsMark standard, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience for everyone. For a description on all of our available activities just scroll down.  

With our team of friendly, inclusive and professional instructors leading the outdoor activities, participants have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills in a variety of pursuits. Our adventure activities include everything from tramping and orienteering, to high ropes and water elements.

YMCA Camp Adair is an registered Adventure Activity Provider with an OutdoorsMark safety audit



Activities At Camp Adair

River Kayaking

Enjoy a kayaking experience on the slow moving Wairoa River with a focus on learning skills for manoeuvring and controlling the kayak. Techniques, games and exploration of the area are used to aid the learning experience.

Climbing Wall

This challenge by choice activity tests group member on our purpose built climbing wall. The activity begins with a look at climbing techniques then focussing on the correct use of the equipment before the climbers ascend the 5m wall with the other team members as the belay team.


The lesson plan for this activity introduces the basic technique and ability required to correctly participate in  Archery. As an activity, Archery does not require high levels of physical ability and can support inclusion groups with a wider range of abilities.

River Traverse

This activity is based on the group using positive team dynamics and problem solving skills to build a line across the river and safety cross it one by one.


Set against the backdrop of the Hunua Ranges, groups can embark on tramps of varying difficulty ranging from 3 hours + and introduce groups to the great outdoors.

Glow Worm Walk

An educational night experience to see the beautiful glow worms in their natural habitat. Take a moment to explore the bush in the evening and enjoy the tranquillity of the night. This activity can be lead by group leaders.

Bush Craft

This activity covers simple but essential skills of building bivouac's, hypothermia awareness, environmental impact and plan identification with an emphasis on co-operation and problem solving.

Adventure Based Learning

Camp Adair offers a range of learning based challenges designed to enhance team-work, 'out of the box' thinking and communication. Challenges are skill based applying mental and physical aspects. Activities can include the initiatives/low ropes course's and activities such as 'Alpha Beta', 'The Beast'  or Team Buidling


This highlight for many campers is YMCA Camp Adair's most requested activity. Running down a long hill and into a pool of muddy water the slide is a great way to end a day and is a favourite for young and old alike.

Confidence Course

Who doesn't like getting muddy... really? This activity involves the team going through a series of obstacles working together to complete the mud runner/military challenge style course. Great for team building/bonding.

Raft Building

This team building exercise is a great way to improve group communication while having a lot of fun. The team need to be hands on with their problem solving skills to build a raft using limited resources provided.

Burma Trail

Available as both a day and a night activity the Burma Trail challenges the group to communicate effectively to navigate a set route using alterative senses from vision. A fun activity for all ages. This can be a self lead activity.

High Ropes Course

The high ropes course comprises of 15 different elements including a High swing, Super Fox, Abseiling and many more all designed to improve self-confidence and improve individual co-ordination. Facilitated by fully trained instructors, our 'challenge by choice' philosophy ensure a variety of challenging obstacles are presented without restricting any person's experience. Suitable for ages 8 and up. Four of the high ropes can be done at night time under our flood lights in the grove area.

Camp Cooking

Teaching our younger generation how to use fire to cook basic food items such as damper or pancakes is hugely rewarding and a big hit for our hungry participants.


To younger children this activity is like a treasure hunt. For older participants 'O' is best described as a map sport. No matter the age, our orienteering course can accommodate basic visual orienteering for younger children aimed at success through to map and compass orienteering for those seeking more of a challenge.

Camp Fire

Roasting marshmallows, camp fire songs and hilarious skits are part of an essential camping experience allowing groups to spend time together and share the memorable stories about your Camp Adair experience.

Air Rifles

Team members get the opportunity in this range activity to learn how to aim and fire a slug rifle in a controlled environment, by fully trained staff. 

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