Baby & Preschool Swimming Lessons at Cameron Pools


Start water confidence early at YMCA Swim School

Baby and Preschool swim classes at Cameron Pool & Leisure Centre managed by YMCA are the ideal way to get your little one feeling safe and confident around the water.

Swimming lessons are important in helping your child to gain water confidence as well as teaching both parents and children important water safe behaviours. YMCA’s baby and Preschool swimming lessons specialise in contributing directly to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of your child.

Classes focus on water awareness and water safety teaching critical skills such as unaided back float and front to back rotations. YMCA’s baby and Preschool programme, starting from 3-months old, ensures that your child receives tuition that best meets their needs and skill level.

Come and have a chat with us about baby and preschool swimming lessons at Cameron Pool & Leisure Centre managed by YMCA.

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Benefits of Baby & Preschool Lessons

  • Balance & stability development
  • Muscle tone and strength
  • Motor skill development
  • Joint exercise & flexibility
  • Language & cognitive skills
  • Improved spatial awareness
  • Sharing skills & turn taking

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Baby Level Goals & Progressions

Wai Baby (3-12months)

  • Water Confidence and assisted submersion
  • Introduction to kicking, paddling and back floating
  • Assisted turnarounds and rotations

Wai Tot (12-24months)

  • Confident submersion
  • Minimal support kicking, paddling and back floating
  • Minimal support turnarrounds and rotations

Wai Toddler (24-36months)

  • Self-initiated submersion
  • Independent kicking, paddling and back floating
  • Independent turnarounds and rotations

Preschool Level Goals & Progressions (3-5years)

Wai Submerge

  • Water Confidence and Submersion
  • Assisted back float
  • Assisted turnaround

Wai Float

  • Independent front floating
  • Independent back floating
  • Independent turnarounds

Wai Glide

  • Streamline torpedo and kick
  • Introduction to back kick
  • Assisted rotations

Wai Stroke

  • Assisted arm stroke and kicking
  • Assisted back kicking
  • Independent rotations

Wai Swim

  • Independent arm stroke and kicking
  • Independent back kicking
  • Introduction to survival strokes

Making lessons more accesible for you

We are passionate about teaching water safety skills from a young age. As a not for profit organisation, we work to make swimming lessons available to all offering subsidised lesson to under 5’s at off peak times.