Jumpstart your health with YMCA Auckland’s programme for diabetics

Our 10-week Jumpstart programme lets people with diabetes take back some control of their body and their condition. The exercise component of the programme involves a variety of different activities, and with instructors who are thoroughly trained in the Jumpstart programme, participants know that they are in the best hands to help guide them through their fitness goals.   

But there’s more to the programme than just exercise – support from ProCare, Pharmaco and Diabetes NZ means that Jumpstart is a complete lifestyle package, including information sessions with medical experts and nutritionists. The programme is referral based, with people joining Jumpstart at the recommendation of their doctor or specialist nurse.

Our Programme Includes

Active Programmes

Participate in group based and individual programmes tailored to your unique needs and ability.


Delivered in a group setting Jumpstart delivers education around Diabetes, nutrition, health and well-being


Establish a network of friendships with people facing similar challenges.