Group Training and Boot Camps at Cameron Pools


Push yourself to the next level with a YMCA boot camp

For a major motivator, YMCA boot camp is a wonderful way to hold yourself accountable, and stick to those fitness goals that we’re all too often making… and then not exactly following through on. 

Boot camp training can involve everything from circuit training to boxing to team-based exercises, and is a guaranteed way to get the blood pumping and get you on your way to better health and well-being. 

Cameron Pool & Leisure Centre Managed by YMCA also offer a variety of 30-minute small group training sessions. From T-REX TRX to Boxfit to Ab Blast, there are a whole variety of options to choose from – you just need to pick one that suits what you’re hoping to achieve!


"Before I signed up I didn’t know what a Bootcamp was! The high intensity team training coupled with the fun factor and exemplary service that Danni provided was just what the doctor ordered. After boot camp my results were jaw-dropping; in just 8 weeks I lost 6.8kg of body weight and total of 24.5cm in girth measurements. "

Tama Mazel Boot Camp Participant