Yoga & Tai Chi in Auckland City


De-stress, improve balance and develop strength with Yoga and Tai Chi in Auckland City

Taking a Yoga or Tai Chi class at YMCA Auckland City helps you develop your strength and flexibility, while also enjoying a relaxed experienced, by focusing on breath control.

Our experienced teachers love teaching Auckland locals Yoga and Tai Chi – sharing the joy and the benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi in the Auckland CBD

Join A Class

Classes Are Included With All YMCA Memberships.

Casual Class Participation $15.50 Per Class

Concession Cards $100 Per Ten Classes

Classes are held:

  • Monday 6:00pm (60min) Yoga
  • Tuesday 9:30am (60min) Tai Chi
  • Wednesday 6:00pm (60min) Yoga
  • Virtual-Wednesday 6:00am (55min) Yoga
  • Thursday 9:30am (60min) Tai Chi
  • Friday 6:00pm (60min) Yoga
  • Saturday 8:30am (60min) Yoga
  • Sunday 9:00am (60min) Yoga
Class spaces can not be booked and operate on a first come first serve basis

Over 50 Classes Weekly