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Meet new friends and get fit with our engaging Small Group Training in Auckland City

We reckon exercise should be fun, varied and show results, so that’s just what YMCA Auckland City has available to you. We offer our daily creative small group classes held in the functional training area and are designed to be 30 minutes max.

There’s a class to suit everyone, and the varied skill levels of people attending means everyone can get something out of them. If its movement, flexibility, or a good old sweat try our SpringHIIT, XpressFit, Burn or seasonal timetable.

Keen to up the tempo on your workout? Pick our cardio class Tabata or join our 6 Week I.D Team Training.

We have plenty more classes too, so check out our timetable for Centre Timetable in Auckland City.

Small Group Great Results

First Timer Classes

  • Xpressfit
  • Powerplay

First Timer Classes

  • Xpressfit
  • SpringHIIT
With a range of times, intensity and preferences we've got you covered.