Fitness Classes for Seniors in Auckland CBD

You’re never too old to take charge of your health and fitness with Goldfit

YMCA Auckland City offers fitness classes for seniors in Auckland CBD. Based on functional movements designed to help seniors maintain their range of movement and physical capability, the programme couples tailored individual programmes with group activities. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, the programme incorporates a focus on active movement with social activities, engagement and community. 

Whether you’ve been active in the past and then commitments and life got in the way, or if you’ve never been a particularly sporty type, the Gold Fit programme is a path to greater fitness and wellbeing for people over 60 who want to stay active in a supportive, social environment.

During these holistic fitness classes for seniors, we’ll discuss your goals, medical conditions and physical capabilities to ensure you get a programme that’s right for you. Classes consist of a group warm up, your own personalised exercise programme, and a group cool down. If you want to improve your balance and co-ordination, you can participate in our Tai-Chi and Pilates classes, or you’ll find lots of outdoor activities and outings to participate in, including Nordic walking, canoeing, bowling and camping.


How do I get started?

Have your GP or GP nurse, complete the medical clearance form. A form can be mailed, emailed on downloaded.

Download Medical Clearance Form

What to expect?

First you begin with a programme induction where we will discuss your goals and go through your medical conditions and physical capabilities. You will also complete our Functional Fitness Assessment, which measures balance, strength, endurance and flexibility. After that, we will create an exercise program that is appropriate just for you.

More information

Social Engagement

An integral part of the programme is social engagement which is built into the fabric of the programme and includes outings, seminars, workshops, sporting and exercise activities. More importantly the programme provides a wonderful support network. We have an active social committee that facilitates the needs and events for our members and wider community.

The programme incorporates the opportunity for seniors to relive childhood memories and to learn, support and be part of a community. We have a range of activities spanning cycling, croquet, ten pin, bowling, canoeing, and we do love have a coffee and conversations after class.