Help kids be kids again

COVID-19 has been a barrier to kids leading active, healthy lives. Donate the cost of a gymnastics class, outdoor experience or sports team to prevent Kiwi kids missing out on what makes their childhood special.

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Make sure young people aren't being forgotten

Help our Raise Up youth development programme support our young people to overcome their challenges and shape a bright future.

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Be a YMCA Hero

The YMCA supports your local community - providing health, wellness and support programmes for all ages. Your support helps us in turn reach more people in need.

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Regular donation

Your regular support helps us give back to the community, every dollar you give to YMCA North could change the life of a child, teen or family in need. For an ongoing donation option, we work with Give a Little. Choose the frequency and amount you wish to donate on a regular basis.


Spare a Share

Some shares can be more bother than it is worth to keep or sell them. Shares for Good is established to provide a charitable home for unwanted shares to benefit charities in New Zealand. You can now donate your unwanted shares, at no cost to you, and support the YMCA.

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